Are you twenty-one?

What is real? What is real?

Real flavor. And real ingredients. Crafted by real people in the very real town of Blanco, Texas.

1g Sugar • 2g Carbs • 99 Calories • 5% Alc./Vol.

can you water something up? can you water something up?

what color is ahhhh? what color is ahhhh?

when a bubble pops, where does it go? when a bubble pops, where does it go?

can you taste in color? can you taste in color?

Mix 12 Pack

Ménage á quatre.

Real Premium Hard Seltzer is exactly that — a deliberately delicious, sophisticated  fizz. We weren’t the  first on the shelves, because we were trying to live up to our name. That’s why we only use real fruit  flavors like Tangerine Yuzu, Pineapple Guava, Cucumber Melon, and Passionfruit Blood Orange, to name a few. And we opted for pure cane sugar (and only 1g at that!) over corn syrup, because, well, there’s nothing refreshing about corn syrup. Flavor should surprise you (in a good way), and call us crazy, but the aftertaste should taste like the regular taste. When you’re used to artificial, real can taste pretty surreal.


6 Pack

Can something be too refreshing?

Did you know that a cucumber is a melon? And a melon is a gourd? Or was it, a gourd is a melon? Whatever it is, it’s delicious. These two vine-babies pair up rather nicely — cool as a cucumber with a hint of melon sweetness for a sophisticated fizz that’s easy on the tongue. Whatever that means.


What is REAL?

We try not to rush things out here in the Texas Hill Country. So when we decided to craft a more considered seltzer, we didn’t want to be the first on the shelves, we wanted to be the best.If you’re going to put the word REAL on the can in big, bright letters, it has to be true, so if something wasn’t real, we didn’t put it in our premium seltzer — no cliché flavors, no funny aftertaste, and  absolutely nothing artificial.

Proudly introducing (2 years after everyone else), REAL Premium Hard Seltzer.

At REAL Premium Hard Seltzer, we’re proud to support the people that support us. That’s why we work with a variety of local community events and organizations in Texas through donations and sponsorships.

Our partnerships are purposed-based, supporting causes REAL Seltzer team members care deeply about. While we would like to support all that is good and worthy, please understand that because of demand, we are not able to meet every request.


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